Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

The Department of Economics, Management and Humanities links economics with specific technical and technological studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Its graduates gain a competitive advantage when seeking employment in electrical and power engineering. The department provides courses for all bachelor and master programs at the Faculty, and also for the master programs in Economics and Management of Power Engineering and in Economics and Management of Electrical Engineering. The Department also provides courses for students in the Managerial Informatics and Electrical Engineering & Management bachelor programs. 

The department has engaged in long-term cooperation with numerous universities abroad, e.g. with TU Vienna in the field of energy economics. The department has also been engaging in long-term cooperation with numerous industrial companies in the energy branch.

The department deals mainly with:

  • economic effectiveness of power generation and heat production
  • economic regulation of power transmission and distribution, tariffs and prices
  • system and economic aspects of renewable energy sources
  • financial management and financial analyses
  • marketing and management
  • decision-making methods in management of industrial enterprises
  • managerial information systems
  • history of electrical engineering

Our projects include:

  • development, reliability and security of power systems
  • economic aspects of biomass utilization for energy purposes, economic effectiveness of renewable energy sources, support schemes for renewable energy
  • economic effectiveness of renewable energy sources, financial support schemes for renewable energy
  • economic aspects of smart grid implementation
  • economic models for calculating fees for final disposal of radioactive wastes
  • economic effectiveness of energy saving programs
  • eye tracking system and its utilization in neural science and in managerial applications